Also known as “Collagen Induction Therapy”. This is a cosmetic procedure done with our EDermastamp by Dermaspark that causes micro injuries to the skin at all different depths, these injuries trigger your bodies healing response. By doing so your body will produce new skin cells that form your brick and motor in the dermal layer called Collagen and Elastin Fibres, this is what gives your skin plump youthful structure. At the same time we are breaking up unwanted pigmentation, scarring, clearing full pores, bringing new nutrient rich blood to the surface, giving your skin an all over even tone and texture! We can treat all areas of the body, from stretch marks to acne scarring, or just to bring that youthful glow back to the skin! Multiple treatments needed for best results, depending on skin concern or condition. Typically 3-6 treatments 4-6 weeks a part. Maintenance yearly. Expected downtime 24-48 hours.
All skin types
(Not active Acne)

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