Inspire Skin & Laser Prices 


SinglePkg 3*Pkg 6*
Abdomen$119$327 (109)$594 (99)
Anterior Thigh$99$267 (89)$474 (79)
Anterior Neck$79$207 (69)$354 (59)
Areolas$69$177 (59)$294 (49)
Below the Belt$119$327 (109)$594 (99)
Bikini Line$79$222 (74)$414 (69)
Brazilian$99$282 (94)$534 (89)
Brozilian$119$342 (114)$654 (109)
Buttocks$119$327 (99)$594 (99)
Chest$119$327 (109)$594 (99)
Chest & Abs$199$537 (179)$1014 (169)
Chin$49$132 (44)$234 (39)
Deluxe Brazilian$109$312 (104)$594 (99)
Ears$49$132 (44)$234 (39)
Eye Brows$49$132 (44)$234 (39)
Feet & Toes$59$162 (54)$294 (49)
Forearms$129$357 (119)$654 (109)
Full Back$199$537 (179)$1014 (169)
Full Bikini$89$252 (84)$474 (79)
Full Legs$289$822 (274)$1554 (259)
Full Neck$109$297 (99)$534 (89)
Hands & Knuckles$59$162 (54)$294 (49)
Jawline$69$192 (64)$354 (59)
Lower Back$119$327 (109)$594 (99)
Lower Legs$189$522 (174)$954 (159)
Navel$69$192 (64)$354 (59)
Nose$49$132 (44)$234 (39)
Shoulders$99$267 (89)$474 (79)
Side Burns$59$147 (49)$264 (44)
Toes$49$132 (44)$234 (39)
Underarms$79$222 (74)$414 (69)
Upper Arms$109$297 (99)$534 (89)
Upper Back$119$327 (109)$594 (99)
Upper Legs$199$537 (179)$1014 (169)
Upper Lip$49$132 (44)$234 (39)
Upper Thoracic Spine$99$267 (89)$474 (79)
Half Face$65$180 (60)$330 (55)
Full Arms$159$417 (139)$774 (129)
Full Face$119$327 (109)$594 (99)
Posterior Thighs$99$327 (109)$474 (79)
Posterior Neck$79$207 (69)$354 (59)



Micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, has a lot of people talking and is fast becoming the top treatment in skin therapy. With its minimal down time, and wonderful results, it’s a must in maintaining healthy firm skin. Multiple micro-needles that move at a fast pace enter the skin, reaching the dermal layer and triggering the bodies healing response. This process promotes cell turn over, increases collagen and elastin production, while breaking up scar tissue, evening out skin tone and improving texture. You will love seeing those fine lines, wrinkles, and unwanted pigmentation diminish!

The average number of treatments required varies person to person. Contact the clinic for your complimentary consultation!

SinglePkg 3*Pkg 6*
Face$375$863 (287)$1550 (258)
Neck$195$443 (147)$770 (128)
Decollete$205$473 (157)$830 (138)
Hips$319$807 (269)$1494 (249)
Abdomen$319$807 (269)$1494 (249)
Upper/Inner Thighs$319$807 (269)$1494 (249)


Visia is able to analyze your skin from the surface down to the dermal layer. This imagining system gives a multidimensional look into your skin. Knowing what’s going on through all the layers of your individual skin is the best first step into specializing a skin routine and treatment plan that is specific to your skins needs. Measuring vascular, sun damage, hormonal pigmentation, lash length, and your true skin age. Inquire with the clinic staff how you can receive this treatment complimentary!


Dermaplaning is a safe and effective treatment used in the removal of “peach Fuzz” (vellus hairs) on the surface of the skin, as well as dead skin cells, leaving your skin bright, smooth, soft and ready for that perfect makeup application. A mild peel can be applied for added exfoliation depth and product penetration.

SinglePkg 3*Pkg 6*
Dermaplaning Only$159No PackagesNo Packages
Dermaplaing/Peel Combo$189$507 (169)$870 (145)



The HydraFacial follows a 4 step program that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, hydrates, and is perfect for all skin types. Brighten, plump, and have a noticeable difference in tone and texture. Leave feeling fresh, clean and ready for any occasion!

SinglePkg 3*Pkg 6*
30 Min HydraFacial Express$169$457 (152)$844 (141)
HydraFacial Deluxe$219$607 (202)$1144 (191)
Includes hot towel, lights, lymphatic and Dermabuilder Booster
Add Neck $49$132 (44)$234 (39)
Add Decollete$69$192 (64)$354 (59)

LED Lights

$59$165 (55)$294 (49)
Lymphatic$59$165 (55)$294 (49)


Photo facials use laser light to target unwanted sun damage, also triggering collagen production within the skin. Remove stubborn pigmentation that you see every day when you look in the mirror, and reveal bright, youthful skin! Multiple treatments may be needed, varying person to person.

SinglePkg 3*Pkg 6*
Photo Facial$265$638 (212)$1130 (188)


Peels are a great treatment to help even out skin tone and texture, clear pores, control break outs, trigger cell turn over, and control oil production, while lightening discoloration. Choice of peel will be decided according to your personal skin needs!

SinglePkg 3*Pkg 6*
Chemical Peels$199$455 (151)$794 (132)


Lash lifts are an awesome way to curl your natural lashes without the need to use a hand curler everyday. Hello 4-6 weeks of wow! Choose to wear mascara or have us tint your lashes and be ready to go! Low maintenance all the way with beautiful natural lashes, what could be better?


French Bikini$45
Upper Lip or Chin$10
Half Arm$25
Full Arm$35
Lower Leg$25
Upper Leg$30
Full Leg$50
Half Back$25
Half Stomach$20


Brow Tint    $15
Lash Tint    $25
Lash & Brow    $35

Relaxation Glo Mineral Facial

60 Minutes$120
30 Minutes$75



Vascular laser treatment helps reduce the appearance of vascular lesions, and spider veins by targeting the affected areas with a gentle laser light. Using short pulses of intense light, energy is converted into heat, which gets rid of the targeted vessels, leaving other areas of the skin unharmed.

30 Minutes$199
15 Minutes$104.50


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