Photo Rejuvenation Neck Add On



This is a cosmetic laser treatment used to treat unwanted pigmentation such as sun damage or irregular pigment production from acne or injury. With our Cynosure Elite IQ Alexandrite we set our target to Melanin (Pigment). Fragmenting the sun damage and bringing it to the surface where it will dry up and flake off! We treat according to the individuals skin type, (treating skin types 1-4 only) and amount of sun damage present. We can treat all areas of the body where pigmentation is present, our most popular areas are Face, Decollette, shoulders, arms and hands. Generally 1-3 Treatments are needed for best results, 4-6 weeks a part. Maintenance yearly. No downtime, just darkening of the targeted pigment.
Skin types 1-4
Unwanted pigmentation