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As professional skin care experts we get asked often what’s the difference between the products you sell and the ones I would pick up at the drug store or other retailers. Companies like to use catch words like: “retinol” “peptides” “stem cells”  “organic” to get you interested in the product. Below is a list of important facts to consider when shopping for your next skin care purchase.

  1. Over the counter products are often made in large batches and mass produced. When a product is made in mass quantities, it becomes difficult to control the quality of the product. Professional skincare lines are often made in small batches and sold only thru authorized resellers.
  2.  Store bought products are cheaper & may claim to have great ingredients in them. The fact is that professional products have a higher concentration of high-quality active ingredients than over-the-counter or OTC products.  This ensures that you will get better results from the professional products.
  3. The optimal pH of skin is between 4.7 and 5.7 which is mildly acidic. Over-the-counter skincare products don’t take pH into account and often shift the skin’s pH in the opposite direction. An alkaline pH level leaves the skin vulnerable to bacteria and free radicals which can damage the skin. Professional skincare products are designed to support the integrity of the skin’s protective barrier using pH-adjusted ingredients.
  4. Professional products are designed for maximum penetration. The skin features a protective barrier that prevents large molecules from penetrating the skin. The problem with many over-the-counter products is that they can’t penetrate the skin barrier – they may superficially relieve surface skin concerns, but only professional products have small enough molecules to deliver clinical results.
  5. Over the counter products are formulated to last through the lengthy process of manufacturing, warehouse storage, and distribution. Once an OTC product arrives at the retailers, who knows how long it will be sitting on a shelf – or in back stock. Because of this, OTC products have to be filled with a high level of preservatives and fillers so they are able to last for years. Many of the preservatives used in the products we use are toxic to our bodies and damage our cells – like parabens. Professional products should never contain fillers, dyes or inexpensive oils that can clog the pores and cause irritation.

Here is a quick reference chart to think of while shopping for your products

 Over-the-Counter ProductsProfessional Products
Made in large batches for the massesMade in small batches
Low percentage of active ingredientsHigh levels of active ingredients
Contain fillersClinical, corrective
Sensory; Smells goodNo colors or dyes
Probably have high pH levelspH adjusted
Products are made of large moleculesProduct molecules are small
Sits on top of the skin; feels goodPenetrates the skin; treats condition
Purchased at department/drug storesSold in professional outlets
Usually pricey for what you really getReasonably priced for quality products

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