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Every time I open up a magazine or scroll through the internet I see more and more coming up about Collagen. This month we are going to talk about a new line we are very excited to be selling in the clinic, this proudly Canadian company withinUs. We have brought in two product that we know you will love just as much as we do, TruMarine collagen and Coconut Creamer + TruMarine Collagen. There Ultra-Pure, Premium-Select Grade marine collagen is produced from wild and sustainable source of fish scales from the South Pacific Ocean.

Collagen peptides have scientifically proven benefits for health and beauty, stimulating the regeneration of cells in the skin, bones and joints.

What is Collagen? Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues, Approximately 75% of our skin is composed of Collage. withinUs TruMarine collagens is a Type I collagen which is the most abundant form of Collagen in our body. We can find type 1 collagen in our eyes, skin, tendons, bone, and teeth.

What does Collagen do for us? Clinical studies show that regular consumption of withinUs TruMarine collagen increases the water absorbing capacity of the outermost layer of the epidermis (skin). Improves skin moisture level, smoothness and suppleness, preventing signs of aging such as deep wrinkles, fine lines and UV-B-induced skin damage. If all that wasn’t enough it also Promotes Joint health and improves long-term comfort and mobility.

How were the studies done? Randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind trial.¬† 88 women ages 35-65 years were given 5g(one serving) of TruMarine collagen or dextrin (placebo) Once daily for 8 weeks. They then used VISIA Complexion Analysis (the same machine we use with our client’s to show there current skin condition and progress here in the Clinic) During this they checked 4 main categories to focus on, Reduced wrinkles, Reduced age spots, Improved skin texture, reduced pores. Wrinkles decreased by 8% after ingesting marine collagen for 8 weeks, Age spots had decreased 5% in 8 weeks, Skin texture had significantly decreased by 10% in 8 weeks and Reduced pores by 7% in 8 weeks.

You have talked a lot about the TruMarine Collagen can you tell me more about the Coconut Creamer + TruMarine Collagen? I sure can as this is my personal favorite to use daily! With its creamy texture and natural sweetness, organic coconut milk powder provides beneficial healthy fats in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)which are metabolized by the body for quick energy. The organic coconut milk powder is ethically sourced, and carrageenan free. The healthy fats found in coconuts help lower cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure, and help increase heart health and function. It is Dairy free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, No sugar added, No GMO, Carrageenan free, Organic Coconut milk, Paleo Friendly, Keto Friendly, No added colours and flavors and finally Kosher

How do I use the product? For the TruMarine Collagen the recommended¬†daily does is 5mg which is the size of the scoop that comes in the container. Their is a variety of ways you can take your TruMarine Collagen like drinking it in your Water, Coconut Water, Coffee/Tea, Smoothie/Juice or put it in your Soup/Oatmeal. All you have to do is put one scoop in and make sure it has dissolved before you consume it. Now onto the Coconut Creamer + TruMarine Collagen…The recommended serving size is 1-2 Tbsps. mixed into a hot beverage, I mix it into my morning coffee being very satisfied with out adding sugar or milk. You can stir it in or use a handheld frother which makes it feel like you just ordered one of your favorite coffees while out.

A couple more things I would like to mention about withinUs other then being a Canadian company they are committed to reducing there carbon footprint and have created compostable, earth- friendly pouch. If the product is not in the pouch the product come in a #2 Plastic Jar (Certified BPA Free) that you can put in your Blue bin to Recycle or use it for storing something else.  With this being a time lots of us are having more and more delivered to our doors I personally like to do my best with my impact on our world. These products are Sustainably Sourced, Wild Caught, Dairy Free, Gluten free, Bovine, Fowl & Swine free.

If you have other questions or want to get started on this great product contact us at the Clinic and we can put one aside for you!