Specializing in hair removal and dermal skin care services.

With our Candela GentleMax Pro Laser we treat all skin types safe and effectively. The laser is set to target the Melanin (Pigment) in the hair which brings that light and heat down into the follicle. Once that heat reaches the base of the follicle in the active hairs, meaning attached to the Derma Papilla (Blood supply to the follicle) it cauterizes that supply, with no more blood supply the follicle closes up after the hair sheds out and it dies off, no blood supply, no nutrients to feed the follicle!
We know that about 10-15% of the hair in an area at any given time is in the active stage of growth, with two other stages where the hair is dormant (not attached to the Derma Papilla) where the laser is not effective.
We know that every 4-10 weeks (depending on the area of the body being treated) those dormant follicles become active, and that is when we would treat the area again, repeating this process until we reach the desired hair reduction.

Now that we have shared about the treatment and how it all works lets talk about “Why do you have before treatment”
As we said the lasers target is set to see melanin, the darkest pigment in the treatment area, if there is hair at the surface it will apply the heat and light to destroy the surface hair and that energy wont make it to the target in the follicle to see the destruction of the blood supply (Derma Papilla).
So we ask that you shave no longer than 24 hours before your laser treatment for best results with a new clear razor.
Why do you need a fresh new razor? Razors carry allot of bacteria, they hold dead skin cells, environmental bacteria from our skin and than you add heat with moisture in the shower, it can be a breading ground for bacteria. When you shave with a razor full of bacteria it can end up in the follicles, than during treatment we add more heat which can cause Folliculitis, this is a common skin condition some people are more prone to than others in which the follicles become inflamed, and it is caused by bacteria.
We ask that you come with no lotions, deodorants, sprays, SPF, or self tanners as well, just clean skin.

3 Stages of hair growth as mentioned above.