The Difference Between Coherent And Non Coherent Lasers.

So often I have clients come in and say to me “I’ve had so many laser hair removal treatments and NO results” the reason for this is the type of laser being used, the difference between a Coherent or Non Coherent Laser…not to say there isn’t other reasons people may not be aware of that contribute as well that I will also get into here today.
Why does it make a difference what kind of laser is being used? Delivery of light to the follicles is the answer.
Coherent Laser: Direct beam of light.
Non Coherent Laser: Scattered beams of light.
When we are treating patients for Hair Removal, Pigmentation, or Veins we set our laser by hand piece to the chromophore for melanin or hemoglobin. With a direct beam of light (Coherent Laser) targeting the chromophore it is more specific and direct to its target, whether we are cauterizing the blood supply to a hair follicle, fragmenting unwanted pigmentation, or collapsing capillaries, the more direct the beam and heat the more specific and good the results will be.
When we attempt to use a Non Coherent Laser for hair removal for example, the light is scattered, so there is enough heat to possible stunt hair growth, but typically not enough to cauterize the blood supply to the follicle. Long term results typically aren’t sustained. When using a Non Coherent Laser such as an IPL (often they also have radio frequency in combination) on Unwanted Pigmentation the wave length is shorter with the scattered light so results can vary.

As I mentioned there are other contributing factors in hair regrowth clients should be aware of.
We all have dormant (not active) hair follicles all over our bodies, so changes in hormones such as pregnancy, menopause, medications like birth control and some prescriptions can trigger those follicles to produce actively. Just our regular body function ups and downs throughout our lives can cause some regrowth, but generally speaking maintenance should be mild.
My most commonly given advice is to do your research, have a couple consultations and spend the time to learn about these treatments before having a laser on your skin! Knowledge is key!
Don’t give up! If you have experienced laser without results we can help! With our Coherent Candela GentleMax Pro we can treat all skin types safe and effectively~

We are here to help you discern before starting your treatment plan!





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November 4, 2020