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Have you been noticing that your skin is feeling dry or scaly? Winter time blues…Me too!
There’s a few things you can do to relieve this!
Changing our skin products according to the seasons is so important as the environmental humidity levels change, so does our skins levels of hydration.
When there isn’t enough hydration in our outer most layer of the skin it will start to dry out more and more. Bumping up your moisturizer to one with more hydration (not oil), changing your toner, and adding a hydrating serum can all be helpful.
One of the biggest contributors to dry scaly skin is also a build up of dead skin on the surface of the skin, if it isnt being exfoliated regularly your product penetration will not be as effective.
Quite often clients will come in and say “I have been so dry so I started using coconut oil on my skin to help” be aware adding oil will not help your hydration, it will clog your pores, and prevent your cell turn over causing a big build up on the surface of the skin making your product penetration even less effective.
Using a good exfoliant, and having a regular chemical peel or dermaplaning will improve these issues by 10 fold, your skin will thank you for it!
What products should I be using when my skin is dry? This is a tricky question because your skin can be dry but acne prone, dry but very oily, or dry but very sensitive….so to answer this question, coming in for a complimentary skin consultation where we can talk all your skin concerns and indication before choosing a specific skin regime is the best place to begin!
How often should I be exfoliating and what do I use? This also varies depending on skin type and sensitivity, you have to be careful with how often you are exfoliating for a few reason. 1. Over cleansing and stripping your skins natural barrier can be a dangerous move especially for naturally oily skin or acne prone skin, when you are constantly stripping your skin it triggers your sebaceous glands to want to produce more oily and more and more until you feel like you cant keep up with it…viscous cycle!
For combination or acne prone skin I recommend every second day. For sensitive or aging skin I recommend twice a week. For dry skin I recommend three times a week.
My favourite exfoliant is DermaMD Micro Peel scrub, great for all skin types, its a super fine grit. Oily, Combination, or  Acne prone skin types scrub on dry skin. Sensitive, Dry, Aging or Thin skin types mix with your cleanser to exfoliate.
Will drinking more water help? YES!! 100 X YES!
What would one product be you would recommend for everyone? Our Glo Skin Beauty Retinol + Resurfacing serum, its great for all skin types, requires building your sensitivity to it, often people try using a Retinol and have a sensitivity to it and quit…we take the time to teach you how to properly build your skins tolerance to full use of this wonderful product.
What are the benefits to using a Retinol? Exfoliating and helping cell turn over, which keeps your tone and texture more smooth, fine lines and wrinkles less prominent, keeping acne breakouts at bay, helping reduce clogged pores and build up. All around a great product to add to your skin regime nightly.

Of course any further questions don’t hesitate to ask us!


Harmony Aven.
Owner, skin care specilist & cosmetic laser technician.