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This subject is near to me, as I have struggled with Melasma for over 4 years now, feeling all the same frustrations as everyone who struggles with this skin condition.
So lets dive right in here, I want to talk about the why, what to do and what to avoid when you have Melasma.

Melasma is a hormonally triggered pigmentation, brought on often from pregnancy, birth controls, hormonal imbalances as well as photo exposure, or damage to the skin.
It can come on randomly, (often with UV exposure) or gradually over a period of time getting darker and darker.
You can easily recognize Melasma once it is dark enough to see on the surface of the skin because of its specific patterns. Usually Forehead, In a mask formation, just on the cheeks, upper lip, or sides on the neck just below the jawline.
Now that’s not to say it wont show up in another pattern, or in multiple patterns at once, this varies person to person.
My personal Melasma photo taken from our Visia Skin Analysis.
So what do you do to treat Melasma? Its not an easy one to treat, there are things you can do to keep it at bay, but until you get to the root cause (Which can vary person to person as well) it’s going to be an ongoing plan to stay on top of it.

See a Natural path to have your hormones checked to start, they check your hormones more in depth then your family doctor.
Use the right products at home, such as Retinol A, Brightening serums, exfoliants, and the right moisturizers for your specific skin needs, and then be consistent with them.
Avoid UV exposure, always keep that sunscreen and hat on, take breaks and sit in the shade.
Have regular treatments when and if you can afford it every 6 weeks, such as Micro-Needling, Chemical peels specific for pigmentation, HydraFacials anti-pigmentation are all your best treatments options.
DO NOT have any laser facials of any kind, stay away from IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Photo Rejuvenation, or Skin Resurfacing with RF. Just like the suns UV triggering those Melanocytes (pigment making cells) to produce Melanin (Pigment) laser is the same, it may look better for a short time, but you are actually damaging those cells further by treating them with Laser.

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