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If you are looking for a year of lessons, personal growth, business lessons, tests on the relationships in your life from marriage to friendships…Do a build out and open a business! Now when I say that it almost sounds negative, on the contrary its been a very positive experience! one of the best years of my life in fact (Yes I said year, an entire year start to open). I was very lucky that I had started with a small sole proprietorship first because it gave me some business basics to build on, I was also very lucky to have a Father who has been a builder/drafter for 30+ years guiding my steps along the way from permit application to finishing touches for the final building inspection and everything in between, to say I’m blessed doesn’t actually cover it reading that over, I can honestly say without him, the rest of my family and my friends we probably wouldn’t have gotten this beautiful clinic open.

We started this process May 2018 and opened our doors May 2019. When we started looking at leasable units the excitement grew, we had placed a few different offers on other units, that kept falling through for this reason or that, not knowing then that there was a bigger plan in place for us to find this unit, and when my sister in law and I pulled into the parking lot I knew I had to make this one ours, and that’s what I did. We placed our offer in Aug 2018, lease negotiations began, then signed and settled by Oct 2018. We were then able to apply for our permit (18 weeks later) we were in full blown building mode!. Things actually moved quite quickly from then, all our sub trades moving around each other like they had done this a few times before, leaving me feeling so relieved, going into this dealing with sub trades people would speak like it was always a nightmare! My experience with sub trades was anything but a nightmare, I was blessed to also have a brother in the industry to recommend his crew, thankfully we were in great hands!.
The best part of this whole process is the décor! picking colours, lighting, flooring…and watching it all come together has been such a rewarding part of this process! Even now sitting here writing my experience out looking around my beautiful space, seeing how everything I pictured in my minds eye has come to life and it couldn’t be more exact, and so satisfying knowing its our vision (yes my husband was a huge help with the décor, so I cant take all the credit sadly). We are here, we are open, and so happy to have a dream of mine brought to life a mere 4 years since finishing my schooling in Dermal Skin Care and Cosmetic Laser…Some people never have this opportunity and I feel so blessed to be here! Building a future for my daughters, being an example of a woman I hope they can be proud of, and my wish is they can enjoy the fruits of my labor in this wonderful industry one day as well if its where their journey takes them.

A few things I want to share that I didn’t know going into this that have been the biggest lesson to me.

    1. This is a very long process so make sure you are settled in and prepared for it to take a year or more.
    2. Trust your gut, our minds and hearts miss lead us with emotion, and “what if” thinking, your gut knows, we were given a gut feeling for a reason, trust it! use it!.
    3. You have to be approved by Fraser Heath first before applying for a permit to the city.
    4. You catch more bees with honey then you do with vinegar (thanks Mom) be polite, and respectful, even in those moments of wanting to lose your mind on someone, you will always feel better at the end of the day if you have your integrity through difficult situations in tact.
    5. Folders, ledgers, and a good solid brief case for all of it at your finger tips at all times during the whole process will save your A%@ multiple times, organization is the key for success.
    6. Always get 3 quotes for everything.
    7. Ask questions, if you don’t know don’t guess, ask and you shall receive the answer.
    8. Speaking of Integrity again but in a different instance, this one for me is very important, following the book, the rules, and taking the proper steps to the end goal, making sure you are always first looking out for peoples safety and best interests, in turn will protect you, your family and business. Rules are in place for safety not to make things harder on you, I promise if you do things accordingly you’ll always have a business name people can relate to being upstanding and integral.
    9. Stand up for yourself. I was on a few occasions laughed at when I was asked who the contractor for this project was when I would inform them it was me, which can be frustrating when you are wanting to be taken seriously. Don’t be pushed around, follow through with your requests (sometimes having to ask 5+ times for the same thing) making your presence respectfully known, cross your T’s and dot you I’s.
    10. Finally (even though I know there is a million other little things I’ve learnt along the way) the final inspections your plumber, electrician, and builder calls are not the final really, before you can get a business license you must still call all three inspections and do them again (along with a criminal record check) to get your license from the city…and don’t forget about Fraser Health, they are your first final inspection before any of the others.

Floor Envy was my best tool to my build out goals with their recommendations for sub trades, knowledge of the area being a South Surrey based business themselves, along with their interior designer in store, selection of flooring, and wonderful staff from choosing floor to install! Check them out on social media or right here in the website link provided! www.floorenvy.ca South Surrey Flooring – Coriey and his team rock!

Cheers to the risk takers, the passionate ones, and all the people who support them through this crazy journey!