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Hey guys! me again, ready to learn more about Skin Resurfacing? Who is this treatment right for? What is it good for anyways?
I’m here to walk you through step by step! Now there are all different machines out there for Resurfacing, how do you know which is a good choice?. I always say to start off by having a consultation, sitting down with your skin care specialist and have them explain the machine, show you what it looks like, how it works, AND always ask if this machine is registered with Health Canada! So So So important that it meets our regulations for your own protection!
We use a Candela eTwo Fractional Radio Frequency and Infrared. Combining skin contraction with first the Sublime hand piece, followed by the Sublative for the resurfacing.
What does this treatment do? Using Radio Frequency we are causing an injury epidermally and Dermally to the skin, which triggers your bodies healing response. When we do so the body will want to send nutrient rich blood to the area of injury, and it triggers your fibroblast cells to start producing new collagen and elastin fibers. That’s just in the dermal layer.
Epidermally we have caused pin point injuries, breaking up scarring, unwanted pigmentation, contracting pores, and evening out tone and texture.
Does it hurt? We use a topical numbing cream to take the edge off, but there is a snapping feeling, and it feels very warm and tight.
What is the down time? 3-5 days you’ll be very red, tight, and you’ll see the pin point injuries as they heal and start to flake off the surface of the skin. You can wear makeup after 24 hours. Total healing time 7-10 days. Without down time there can’t be results, its all for the bigger picture!
How many treatments will I need? Generally speaking we recommend a series of 3 treatments for best results. Although that varies person to person, depending on the severity of the skin concerns we are facing.
Realistic expectations are key, often people come in wanting a face lift or to look 20 years younger, but it just isn’t reality. Our goal is to build as much collagen and elastin in the dermal layer that your skin will produce and to have the clearest, healthiest skin you can possibly have.
Importance of home care. This is the most important part of any treatment plan, not just for skin resurfacing but for anyone wanting to see results! I talk during consultations about gut health and a skin care regime at home and its importance when embarking on a treatment series. You wouldn’t go wash your truck and then hit the back roads bogging right? same goes for your skin, using good skin care at home is what will maintain the treatments we have just done. Home care is key to keeping your skin healthy, from cleanser to lips stick!
What does the treatment cost? Depending on the area being treated it varies from $299-$599. Also offering package pricing on 3.
How often do I need to do this treatment? If we are doing a series depending on the area this varies, the farther away from the heart the longer distance between treatments. Face would be 6 weeks, abdomen 8 weeks.

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