Specializing in hair removal and dermal skin care services.

Now I know what your thinking, because before I got into this industry I would hear from one advertisement that this facial, or this product was THE BEST! All of them saying different things, their facial no matter where you go is the best. Lets be honest we cant all afford to try every place and their facials to decide for ourselves, so how do you know your choosing the right place for your skin?
First you need to decide, do you want results? or do you want to relax?. Truthfully speaking a relaxation facial is still going to be great for your skin and trigger those cells to want to turn over, with the addition of good products so your still sure to leave with skin that’s clean, soft, and brightened up.
Will a relaxation facial lighten sun damage? reduce fine lines and wrinkles? clean pores and reduce their size between treatments? deliver high end Hyaluronic acid, minerals, and antioxidants down to the dermal level? I can say no to all of those. Will you feel relaxed and have soft feeling skin for a day or two? yes.
So choose wisely!
HydraFacial is a 4 step facial done with suction, and vortex swirl tip action that draws and delivers at the same time. It is not a fall asleep during your facial kind of facial, its wet, and a little louder then your regular facial. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract, Hydrate…All the goods with our state of the art HydraFacial machine. This facial is customizable to your specific skin needs! We have boosters we can add, for those dealing with pigmentation issue such as melasma or sun damage, to lighten and brighten with our Britenol. Reduce the signs of aging with our Dermal Builder Boost. Skin issues such as Roscea, Scarring or Acne with our CTGF Boost (Connective Tissue Growth Factor). Adding Red or Blue Light therapy to any treatment (Red light for redness reduction or Blue light for oily or acne prone skin) and of course the Lymphatic Drainage, moving all those toxins out of the face through the Lymph system and out to the body to remove.
Check out some of these awesome before and afters (Cause everyone loves those!) Make sure you decide what your looking for and really need when choosing the type of facial best suited to your specific skin and relaxation needs! I can also say when looking for results, find a clinic that your comfortable with, and a skin care specialist, and stick with them, listen to their plan for you and stick to that as well, bouncing from clinic to clinic trying a mix mash of products and treatments that don’t always work together for your healthiest skin and you!